How to Manage Lowes Employees and Access Employees’ Benefits?

Working in a big company must be tiring and exhausting, moreover if we work as a member of human resource. In this case, we need to manage everything about employees. It can be their personal information, their track records in working, as well as benefits for the employees, the schedule, and so on. Well, we can use My Lowes Life to help us managing the employees. It is an electronic tool for the company that has the goal to make the management neat. The employees no longer need to go to the office to check the schedule. They can access their schedule and other employees’ benefits at home. It will save their time and absolutely will increase the productivity of each employee. Awesome, isn’t it?

About Lowes Company Profile

Before we are going too far, it is best to know what Lowes is. For our information, it is a company that has the headquartered in Mooresville. Yes, it is in North Carolina where this company started to run since 1946. Lucius Smith is the CEO of Lowes who expanded the company to Canada and Mexico. Believe it or not, Lowes has more than 150 stores in Australia. Lowes Company sells hardware and home improvements. This company belongs to the second largest store in the United States. In total, we can say that Lowes has more than 1,840 stores that we can find in the US.

Myloweslife login

Lowes slogan is Never Stop Improving. It means that the company wants to serve the best hardware products with the best service given by the employees. Of course, first of all, the company must ensure that the employees work properly. But, it seems impossible as the number of the employees reach more than 260K people. The only best way for Human Resource Department team is to use myloweslife.

About My Lowes Life Online Portal for Lowes Employees

The first question comes into our mind can be what My Lowes Life is. For our information, My Lowes Life is an online portal for all Lowes employees. Through this website, all employees can access their schedule, as well as other benefits offered. If we are one of the employees, we can ask the HR team to create us an account. It is because we need to pass My Lowes Life login portal using our employee ID as well as the password. In this online portal, we will be able to interact with other 265K workers of Lowes. We can explore all advantages that the company offers for full or part time workers.

As the online portal is for employees, other people beyond the company cannot use this feature. The only way we can do is to give them our NIS or employee ID and the password. Of course, it is forbidden as the portal contain some important information that public does not deserve to know. We can make use of this website by accessing our schedule and other advantages. We can ask a day off letter through this portal, we can make a retirement plan and so on. One of the most interesting parts from My Lowes Life is that we can have a discussion with our partners. We can have an online meeting or arrange it.

How to Use My Lowes Life Account?

Yes, we know that My Lowes Life is such a platform for Lowes employees to access some important information about their job. Starting from accessing the work schedules, we can check our emails that come from partners. Besides, we can access the trade shifts without having to go to the office. More to get, we can try to access the Wells Fargo retirement services complete with information about employee transition.

Talking about the transition, we can use the online portal as a tool for us to get rich information about it. The transition here is for those employees who feel not comfortable in working in a certain job position. In this case, if we feel that we deserve better position, we can request to transfer to other position. But still, the company will need to consider our capability and skills. Again, Lowes HR team can use this Lowes online portal to access our track record in job. The process of employee transition is easy as long as we follow the procedures.

Alright, going back to the main focus, we may ask on how to use My Lowes Life account. Here, the only way to use our account is by logging into the online portal using our employee ID and password. Then, we can start using all features offered by Lowes Company.

What to Prepare for My Lowes Life Login Portal?

As we are about to start using our account, first of all, we need to prepare everything we need for the login process. In this case, we need to be eligible and here are the rules for accessing the online portal. They are such as:

  • First, we have to be a Lowes Company’s current or former employee
  • Second, it is important for us to ask identification number from HR office as we will need it
  • Third, still in the HR office, we have to ask the answer of the security question as well as the password needed for login
  • Fourth, we have to get the computer ready complete with the internet access because we are going to visit the online login portal
Step by Step for My Lowes Life Login Process

If we want to make the process of login run well, then we need to follow some instructions. First, it will help us to avoid some troubles such as invalid username and so on. If we cannot find a computer or laptop, we can use our smart phone or tablet to access But still, we need to make sure that we have stable internet connection for the sake of login. Alright, here are the steps we need to take, such as:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, we need to open the fastest internet browser in our gadget. It can be Chrome, Mozilla, or maybe Safari. After that, we need to visit to the official website of My Lowes Life that is If we do not know how to do it, we can copy the link address and paste it in the address bar of the internet browser. Once we have done with that, we can press enter that we can find on the keyboard. Then, the link address will direct us to login page and we have to input the password complete with sales number. After that, we can click the button entitled login.

  • Step #2:

If we get the first step is complicated, then we can explore the Google. We can type the keyword of My Lowes Life login and some website will appear. It is best to click the first website that the address mentions The website then will direct us to the MyLowesLife official website and we can continue by inputting our ID and the password.

  • Step #3:

The last step, we need to choose whether we are a full or part time employee. It is because the benefits offered to both employee types are different. Once we have chosen one, we will go to the homepage and we can explore some Lowes employee benefits.

Overall, those are the best tips that we can try if we want to manage the employees in our company. Besides, we can apply the tips to get some advantages, benefits, as well as discounts that we can use at Lowes stores. Keep using My Lowes Life and best luck for our job!

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